LGBTQIA+ Therapy

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Listen to your inner voice

Staying true to your inner voice may be challenging, especially when you don’t conform to the norm or your environment judges you for it. 

And while you know we are all unique and deserving of love and safety, you may still feel like an outsider—isolated and unworthy. 

But you belong. You are extraordinary and worthy. 

LGBTQIA+ affirming therapy is your space to find, listen to, and live by your inner voice, regardless of what the world throws at you. 

What is LGBTQIA+ therapy or LGBTQIA+ counseling?

LGBTQIA+ therapy is a mental health treatment dedicated to supporting and empowering LGBTQIA+ individuals. You’ll meet with a therapist (me!) who is qualified to work with this diverse community and validate your experience without judgement. 

The goal is to provide guidance and resources to delve into your thoughts and emotions, accept your true self, and live authentically. 

What can LGBTQIA+ therapy help with?

LGBTQIA+ counseling can help you address common mental health challenges, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationship issues while affirming and honoring your unique Self.

This treatment can also support you in navigating the additional hurdles you might face due to stigma, societal pressures, and prejudice towards the LGBTQIA+ community like:
- Exploring your sexual orientation
- Coming out
- Transitioning
- Coping with rejection or mistreatment
- Dealing with systemic discrimination and health inequities
- Struggling with shame, guilt, and low self-worth
- Experiencing self-harming thoughts or behaviors  

If you or a loved one are traversing any of these difficulties, let’s chat. I’m here to walk alongside you toward a more genuine and rewarding life. 

Benefits of LGBTQIA+ therapy

- Discovering and loving yourself - Cultivating compassion, acceptance, and confidence
- Tuning into your thoughts, emotions, and sensations (without being overtaken by them)
- Learning coping and self-soothing strategies
- Letting your authentic Self guide you through challenges and opportunities 

LGBTQIA+ affirming therapy at Ink Psychotherapy | LGBTQIA+ therapist Kansas City | Online LGBTQIA+ therapist Missouri 

Hi! I’m Lori, an LGBTQIA+ affirming therapist helping adolescents, adults, and couples in-person at my Kansas City practice, and via telehealth across Missouri.

No matter where you fall on the LGTBQIA+ spectrum, you belong here. This is your safe zone to speak your truth, share what’s hurting, and find the support and tools you seek to create a happier life.

I’m a sex-positive and body-positive counselor, always looking to understand and uplift your core Self so you can make choices that align with it. I use Internal Family Systems, cognitive behavioral therapy or mindfulness, and other modalities depending on your needs.

Let’s work together to help you overcome oppression, stand in your power, and be unapologetically YOU. 

Ready to celebrate your authentic self?

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