Hi, I'm Lori Alvarez

Thinking about therapy? I'm here to help.

About Lori
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Therapy for you or your relationship

This world can be tough. My goal is to help you create your home in it; the place within yourself and your relationships where you feel safe, loved, and empowered.

Individual Services

$150 per 50 min session*

Common topics include:
- Anxiety/Depression
- Self Esteem
-PTSD and Recovery after trauma/abuse
-Sexuality and Gender Identity
- Adolescent Issues
- Personal Growth

Couple Services

$150 per 50 min session*

Common topics include:
-LGBTQ Issues
- Communication Issues
- Sexuality
- Infidelity
- Polyamory/ Ethical Non-monogamy
- Family Conflict

How it works

Healing is never linear. But here’s an idea of how we’ll do therapy together.  Read more about my treatment modalities here.


What exactly is troubling you right now? How might it be affecting you in ways you didn’t even realize?


How did you get here? Let’s offer you some compassion and space to rewrite your story.


It’s all a practice. What little and big things will change in your life when you feel better?

My office is located in this lovely little house on Baltimore Ave.  I share the space with two of my dearest friends and fellow therapists.

We hope you love it here as much as we do.